A root. A memory. A smile?

What is nostalgia?

Is it a gentle breeze that caresses your cheeks, the intense scent of Za’atar spread on a freshly made dough, those misty mountains that make you hold your breath for a sec, or that rare sight of a strawberry bonjus down at the left corner of a fridge’s shelf?  

Is it what they called the Paris of the Middle East? Or a small thought of paradise, rooted in our memories?

It’s no secret that our beloved country is going through a rough patch, but still, there is much that is fair, beautiful, mysterious, and nostalgic about it. 

It’s something in the air that makes us romanticize the past, reminisce about the old days, and empower us to fight, protect and seek beautiful moments that will last a lifetime.
The Fattoush for some, and Tabbouleh for others, the unparalleled sea views and the hazy mountain backdrops, the bonfires, the walks, the picnics, and late-night talks. 
All ingredients that make up the perfect getaways mixed with a blend of cultures and backgrounds are found within an hour or 2 across our natural Mediterranean landscape that anyone can call “home.”

Now back to the roots
From that unforgettable 80s Werther’s Original commercial to those rich Sunday barbecues coupled with ancient stories, laughter, and a bit of Arak, well, maybe a little more. 
Jedo represents those moments and memories, safely organized in endless family albums, flash drives, or phone galleries. Today, our hearts yearn to make new memories and stories to be shared with generations to come over a bit of Arak.

Down memory lane
Have you ever experienced instants when you met someone, been someplace, learned about something for the first time, and felt like time just slowed down so you could fully embrace and cherish the moment?
Jedo is on a mission to keep creating beautiful memories, making outdoor explorations more accessible for everyone, anywhere at any time.
Our platform helps you book hand-picked hosted activities with best-in-class local guides, from Jerd Keserwan and Chouf valleys to Tyre crystal blue waters and Batroun shores. It also gives you access to a free directory where you can explore more than 1500 local attractions across Lebanon.

Where to go and what to do?
Well, wherever and whatever your heart desires, as long as your adventure is shared with fantastic company, over an incredible playlist, will leave you with a big SMILE.

Download Jedo now and let’s go out and about around this beautiful country.
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Website: https://jedo.app

Christian is the Co-founder & CEO of Jedo. He's a Designer at heart, and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam, with 12 years of consulting experience in design thinking, digital transformation, and product development.