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We're on a mission is to be they key to reconnect, make unforgettable memories, and always have beautiful stories to tell.

Personalized, hassle-free, local trips

Imagine having a private concierge that finds, plans, books any trip. who's also your pocket guide that guides you on-demand

Trip planning

Proprietary technologies to create your own trip in 10 seconds. And dedicated teams to plan your unique events.

Guided experiences

Unique outdoor experiences available only on Jedo, guided by top experts, and selected staycations/

Hidden gems directories

The largest open directory of local attractions, hidden gems, and weekly updated collections.

Reconnect. Make unforgettable memories, and have beautiful stories to tell.

Going out like a local shouldn’t be hard. It should happen on-demand. At Jedo, our mission to make going out hassle-free, and make every trip count; The once-in-a-lifetime, or the next weekend trip.
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A team from everywhere, united by passion

We're a team spread over 4 countries, that share a common goal of making awesome products. Le's chat.

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