“Jedo” is not a person. What is it? Who is it? Why is it?

Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, there were several inquiries about our company’s name, Jedo, and its potential sexist connotations. Therefore, this is the right time to provide a more comprehensive explanation of what Jedo represents.

For all of you non-Arabic speakers, here’s what Jedo means:

/*Jed-do*/ جدّو
[Noun] A grandfather. Someone’s grandpa.

From the beginning, we have been deliberate in our decision not to associate our brand with a specific individual, even though this could potentially harm our marketing efforts. Instead, we have chosen to focus on the concept of Jedo.

To us, Jedo is more than just a person – it is a mindset that embodies the essence of our brand. It represents a connection to nature and our heritage, as well as a desire to create and share meaningful experiences.

By choosing not to rely on a single face to represent Jedo, we are able to foster a sense of inclusivity that encourages individuals from all walks of life to connect with our brand. Whether you are male or female, young or old, it is our hope that Jedo will resonate with you and inspire you to engage with the world, and the cultures surrounding you, in a more meaningful way.

Ultimately, we believe that our decision to remain faceless serves as a testament to the power of a Jedo mindset. By focusing on the values that define us, rather than a particular individual, we are able to create a brand that is both accessible and inspirational to all.

We are all Jedos, including the 5 awesome females (Michelle, Marie Lynn, Perla, Sasha, Nour) on our small team of 10 😉 . You can be too. Download the app and hop on the Jedo train!

Website: https://jedo.app

Christian is the Co-founder & CEO of Jedo. He's a Designer at heart, and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam, with 12 years of consulting experience in design thinking, digital transformation, and product development.