Jedo Acquires Jump-in App and Expands in Saudi Arabia

We announce the strategic acquisition of Jump-in App, a move that aligns perfectly with our vision of global expansion, particularly in the promising Saudi Arabian market. This step, taken in partnership with Eradah Studio, underlines our commitment to innovate and grow.

Why Acquire Jump-in?

The acquisition of Jump-in App is a strategic fit for Jedo, enhancing our market presence and broadening our user base in Saudi Arabia. Jump-in’s unique capabilities complement Jedo’s vision of leveraging AI to redefine the trip planning experience.

Our Vision for the Saudi Market

Saudi Arabia’s vibrant culture and growing tourism industry offer a fertile ground for our expansion. In collaboration with key stakeholders such as Plug&Play and local tourism authorities, we aim to leverage cutting-edge AI to transform Saudi Arabia’s tourism landscape, offering bespoke and authentic travel experiences.

This acquisition is more than an integration of technologies; it’s a merging of talents and visions. The Jump-in team will play a vital role in our operational strategies and develop new partnerships within the Kingdom. Our focus is dual: enabling locals to discover the wonders of their own country and providing international travelers with an authentic Saudi experience. We are committed to adapting our platform to meet the unique needs and preferences of the Saudi market.

At this juncture, our team is intensely focused on refining Jedo to better suit the Saudi market’s distinct characteristics. We are in the process of fine-tuning our platform and are on the cusp of finalizing key collaborations and partnerships. These imminent announcements promise to significantly bolster our presence and influence in the travel technology sector.

Final Note

As a pioneering force in travel technology, Jedo is not just an app, but a beacon of innovation in travel experiences. The integration of the Jump-in team and our strategic maneuvers in Saudi Arabia mark the beginning of an exciting chapter. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we continue to set new standards in the world of travel.


Christian is the Co-founder & CEO of Jedo. He's a Designer at heart, and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam, with 12 years of consulting experience in design thinking, digital transformation, and product development.