Jedo has been featured on Annahar Newspaper

We’re happy to announce that we have been featured in an article on Annahar, one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers in Lebanon. You can read the article in Arabic using this link

The translated English version is below:

On Monday, the Lebanese Christian Almurr and his colleagues launched the Jedo application, to be the first local Lebanese platform for planning and organizing local trips in Lebanon using its own artificial intelligence.

Jedo aims to facilitate the decisions that those who wish to take to get out of the house and explore the regions in their country, especially those residing abroad, who may not find someone to guide them inside the country at the time of their visit during the tourism seasons and holidays.

In his interview with Annahar, Almurr indicated that the idea for the application came from his personal experience as an expatriate, as he needed someone to guide him when visiting Lebanon. He mentioned that the word “Jedo” is the nickname of one of his relatives who used to direct him to his favorite areas to spend time in Lebanon, calling for “Jedo” to be everywhere and with everyone.

Almurr added that it is not easy for everyone in Lebanon to choose the places they should visit and that all Lebanese must visit the various regions without feeling that they are strangers in them, especially those far from their homes, which they may not be well acquainted with.

He stated that one of the main goals of the application is to help as much as possible in light of all the information on the Internet, which is published by influencers, tourism pages, etc., which may confuse people instead of helping them to know what is appropriate for them.

Almurr considered Jedo to be an operating system for local tourism similar to the mobile phone’s operating system, as it is a new platform that guarantees everything the user needs to complete his journey. To accomplish this task, the application relies on its own artificial intelligence, and on more than one service, to plan trips based on simple information from the user, which Jedo uses to suggest more than one suitable destination.

Almurr stressed that the application technology is also “homemade”, as the team developed it, without relying on technology from any external application, and AI was trained to understand people more to meet their needs.

On the other hand, the Jedo team cooperated with more than one guesthouse to secure discounts for users who want to spend time in remote areas, so that the application would be a “link” between people and local businesses, according to Almurr. The team has put together a set of special activities that subscribers can take advantage of on their trips. He added that it is not necessary for the user to be a subscriber to benefit from Jedo’s basic services, but rather its recommendations can be used for free.


Christian is the Co-founder & CEO of Jedo. He's a Designer at heart, and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam, with 12 years of consulting experience in design thinking, digital transformation, and product development.

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